December, 2017

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Plumbers and nurses will be last to lose jobs to robots

Robots will soon take over all jobs done by humans, AI expert claims However jobs that require dexterity and empathy are safe  for not Plumbers, electricians and nurses will keep their jobs the longest By Sara Malm For Mailonline All human jobs will be replaced by robots in the future,Read More

Facebook Conceded This Might Make You Feel Bad.

Here is How to Reclaim This. –

Facebook printed a softly groundbreaking entry on Friday. Social networking, the business stated in a blog article, can often cause you to feel great — but occasionally it may also cause you to feel bad. Yes, I should’ve cautioned you to sit. This is only one of the stories whereRead More

Scientist claims alcohol will disappear in a GENERATION

Professor David Nutt of Imperial College says alcosynth will be the new booze The alternative has the same effects but doesn’t damage your health, it’s said But you can’t get as drunk on the synthetic liquor as you can with real booze By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Savour your favourite tippleRead More

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An 8th Earth Is Located Orbiting a Distant Star, Together With A.I.’s Assist –

cURL Error #:Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused Together with eight planets spinning round sunlight, our solar system has held that the galactic name for getting the very famous planets of any superstar system at the Milky Way. But on Thursday NASA announced the discovery of someRead More

Sydney tradesman finds giant spider crawling on his arm

A tradesman was pumping concrete on a property in Sydney on Wednesday   He felt the spider, believed to be an Australian tarantula, crawl up his arm He managed to calmly pick the spider up off his shoulder and take a photo of it By Peter Devlin For Daily Mail Australia ARead More

The Great Red Spot Descends Deep Into Jupiter –

NEW ORLEANS — Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is not just a skin-deep beauty mark. Instead, the iconic storm descends at least 200 miles beneath the clouds and possibly much deeper. That is one of the latest findings of NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which passed directly over the storm in July. JunoRead More

The Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017 –

Courtesy: The New York Times

Face of a Scottish soldier who died in 1650 is revealed

The images were created using the skull of a skeleton that was discovered in Durham in 2013 Scans revealed a previously unidentified facial scar on the soldier that has been included in the final image The soldier is depicted wearing a blue bonnet, brown jacket and shirt typical of ScottishRead More

A Glimpse of Oumuamua – Video –

Courtesy: The New York Times

How 2017 Became a Turning Point for Tech Giants –

This was a terrible year for the tech industry. That’s an odd thing to say at a time of record growth and profits. In 2017, large American tech companies have kept hauling in more money, more users, and — to a degree that might seem dystopian — they continued toRead More