September, 2017

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Moths, Alive and in Color, in All Their Diversity –

Moths belong to the night. We often only see them when light sends them spiraling down to surfaces, where they land and sit still, beaming out messages like antennaed aliens: Greetings from the World of Darkness. For many, their presence evokes fear; for some, wonder. For Emmet Gowin, who madeRead More

Man who spent 15 years in a vegetative state sheds tears

The unnamed 35-year-old had been left severely brain damaged by a car crash He showed few signs he was aware of the outside world following the accident This changed following an electrical stimulus to a nerve attached to his brain For the first time, the patient was able to followRead More

Nothing Is Too Unusual for Businesses Wooing Amazon to Construct There –

SAN FRANCISCO — Business leaders in Tucson have tried to mail Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, a 21-foot cactus. The largest conference room in the Tulsa, Okla., mayor’s office has been converted to a war room, with 50 volunteers poring over videos of Mr. Bezos. In Philadelphia, hundreds of WhartonRead More

Pee in indoor pool made employees sick, CDC says

Pee and chlorine combined to make 48 pool employees sick Poor ventilation probably caused the irritants, called chloramines, to build up CDC says to shower, and take bathroom breaks to help keep pools clean By Natalie Rahhal For After years of research including three days of on-site investigation atRead More

Push for Sex Equality at Tech?

Some Guys Say It Is Gone Too Much –

SAN FRANCISCO — Their complaints stream Reddit forums, online video game message boards, on personal Facebook webpages and around Twitter. They assert for all from man separatism to a end to sex diversity efforts. Silicon Valley continues to be decades accommodated a fringe section of people who say girls areRead More

Instagram tests new ‘follows you’ labels for Android users

Android users have discovered a ‘follows you’ label beneath their followers’ bios It means you’ll know if someone has unfollowed you just by looking at the profile Previously, suspicious users would have to scroll through their follower’s list By Cheyenne Macdonald For Since Instagram first launched, it’s remained aRead More

Birds Beware: Your Praying Mantis Requires Your Brain –

Tom Vaughan, a photographer subsequently residing in Colorado’s Mancos Valley, maintained a hummingbird feeder out his residence. 1 morning, he pitched through the portico doorway and noticed that a black-chinned hummingbird hanging out of the face of the red plastic opener such as a stray Christmas decoration. Initially, Mr. VaughanRead More

Facebook to Turn On Russian-Linked Ads into Congress –

WASHINGTON — Under increasing pressure from Congress and the people to disclose more about the spread of covert Russian propaganda on Facebook, ” the business said on Thursday it had been turning over more than 3,000 Russia-linked advertisements to congressional committees investigating the Kremlin’s impact operation throughout the 2016 presidentialRead More

Prehistoric Beelzebufo frog ate small dinosaurs

The large frog called Beelzebufo lived about 68 million years ago in Madagascar  South American horn frogs today are thought to be very similar to Beelzebufo Researchers measured the bite force of these South American horned frogs These frogs have similar bite forces to those of mammalian predators, and theRead More

Clues into Africa’s Mysterious Past Found from Ancient Skeletons –

It had been just two years back that investigators discovered the first early human genome from Africa: a warrior in a cave from Ethiopia afforded DNA that proven to be 4,500 years old. On Thursday, an worldwide group of scientists reported they had regained much elderly genes out of boneRead More