September, 2017

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All you need to know about Elon Musk’s Big F***ing Rocket

BFR can reaching speeds of 18,000 miles per hour (29,000 kmh) and will also travel to Mars and the Moon  It will use 31 Raptor engines to produce a liftoff thrust of 5,400 tons, lifting a total mass of 4,400 tons Will take off and land vertically from floating launchpadsRead More

China holds world’s first quantum video call

The call was held using world first space-ground quantum comms network System will be used by government, banks, securities and insurance firms By Harry Pettit For Mailonline It could herald the start of a new era of ultrasecure communications that can never be hacked. China has held the world’s firstRead More

Elon Musk’s Mars Vision: A One-Size-Fits-All Rocket.

An Extremely Big One. –

ADELAIDE, Australia — Elon Musk is revising his aspirations for sending people to Mars, and that he claims that he has a clearer image of his company, SpaceX, will earn money on the way. The secret is a brand new rocket bigger than the one that he explained at aRead More

Facebook is a ‘highway of hatred’ blasts EU commissioner

Vera Jourova revealed she closed her account at a news conference in Brussels Tech giants may face more regulation if sufficient progress is not made New legislation could come into force as early as next year  By Charlie Bayliss For Mailonline and Afp An EU commissioner has closed down herRead More

Following the Tsunami, Japan’s Sea Creatures Crossed an Ocean

TOKYO — The towering tsunami that ravaged Japan six years back also unleashed a very distinct type of danger onto the remote shore of North America: a large invasion of marine life from all throughout the Pacific Ocean. Countless species in the coastal waters of Japan — largely invertebrates suchRead More

IBM Today Has More Workers in India Than at the U.S. –

BANGALORE, India — IBM dominated the first decades of calculating with creations such as the mainframe along with the floppy disc. Its factories and offices, extending from New York to Silicon Valley, were hubs of American invention before Microsoft or Google came together. But within the past ten years, IBMRead More

Noise caused by building wind farms could be killing fish 

Scientists recorded the noise engineers made when using a pile driver They found it  disrupted the abilities of sea bass to co-ordinate their movement This man-made noise pollution could make them more susceptible to danger  By Ellie Zolfagharifard for MailOnline The noise caused by building ‘environmentally-friendly’ wind farms may beRead More

New Gravitational Wave Saved From Colliding Black Holes –

In a second step ahead for the fast expanding world of imperceptible astronomy, scientists said Wednesday that about Aug. 14 they’d listed that the space-time reverberations called gravitational waves in the crash of a group of black holes 1.8 billion light years from here. This had been the fourth period,Read More

When Tech Disrupts Gamble and Effectiveness, ‘Angels’ May Be Answer –

Jason Calacanis cuts an unusual figure to get a fiscal savior from Silicon Valley, where it is trendy for the planet’s wealthiest men to plagiarize ashamed modesty in their riches and power. Mr. Calacanis an investor and entrepreneur who promises to be worth greater than $100 million, also without noRead More

Mark Zuckerberg takes a limosouine to get cheesesteak

Mark Zuckerberg ordered a cheesesteak like a ‘normal guy’ at The Original Pat’s King of Steaks in Philadelphia during his road trip across America He drove up to the eatery in a limousine and ordered the sandwich on Sunday Zuckerberg ordered the sandwich ‘Whiz wit’ to let cooks know that he wantedRead More