April, 2017

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Amazon Alexa set for 7inch touchscreen ‘Knight’ upgrade

Alexa voice assistant can respond to voice commands from user Next version rumour to have much improved sound and a touchscreen  Will compete against Google’s Home and rumoured Apple Siri speaker   By Mark Prigg For Dailymail.com Amazon is set to give its Echo speaker a radical overhaul – andRead More

NASA could approve dragonfly drone to explore Titan

The eight-bladed ‘dragonfly’ drone would fly from one region of Titan to the next  It would recharge while landed using its own nuclear fuel power generator  Dragonfly could also drill and take samples, and examine the moon’s surface  It could investigate potentially habitable sites on the Titan, which has methaneRead More

Elon Musk’s Boring Company will transport cars on ‘skates’

Musk began digging a trench at SpaceX’s headquarters in California after complaining about traffic  Electric platform will transporting cars in a narrow tunnel at up to 200 kilometers per hour (roughly 130 MPH) Would require large network of tunnels and loading lifts to be built across a city  Cars willRead More

Tracking Weeds, and Why Is Some Gleam Inthedark –

PISGAH NATIONAL FOREST, N.C. — Here’s what I used to be advised: move away from town, move within a new moon and retain my torch down. If the air faded dark enough to identify celebrities sparkling, I’d manage to notice weeds great. you can find about 100,000 variety of fungi,Read More

Meet with the Those Who Prepare the Programs (to-Do Their Particular Jobs) –

SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA — Whatif element of your task turned training a PC whatever you find out about undertaking someone’s career — maybe your own personal? Ahead of The models become intelligent enough to restore individuals, as some individuals worry, the models require instructors. Currently, some organizations are usingRead More

$30 BILLION race to create an AI sex doll

Dozens of firms are working on lifelike dolls with AI personlaities Among the most impressive is Harmony – an AI bot that can hold conversations She remembers what she’s told and users can choose her personality traits  She can be kind, sexual, shy, naive or brainy and her body isRead More

Individuals Existed in United States 130,000 Years Back, Research Claims –

Ancient people — maybe Neanderthals or another missing variety — filled what’s currently Colorado some 130,000 years back, ATEAM of experts noted on Friday. The striking and increasingly disputed state, posted inside the newspaper Dynamics, is founded on a report of mastodon bones identified near North Park. In the eventRead More

A Electronics Renaissance Increases in Brooklyn — and Elsewhere –

StrongArm Systems, a startup business in Brooklyn, makes “ergo-skeletons” that glance somewhat like innovative types of the trunk service straps that factory personnel usually don. Receptors embedded inside the gadgets observe a worker’s motions, and manufactured intelligence application employs that data to advise sleep, extending or pose adjustments — anRead More

Georgia study finds mammals take 12 seconds to poop

Researchers say all mammals take an average of 12 seconds to relive themselves And, they apply about the same amount of pressure to do so, regardless of size  Mammals rely on layer of mucus to carry fecal matter through large intestine By Cheyenne Macdonald For Dailymail.com Whether wild or domestic,Read More

Some Shocking Dog Breeds Have Historical American History –

many years before, the folksinger Tom rush-released an record that involved some disparaging reviews regarding the Chinese crested puppy. This wasn’t all that shocking, because these puppies are “little cozy white guys” as Mr. Rush defined his wife’s animals, the sort he was uncomfortable to become noticed with-in the BigRead More