January, 2017

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Psychologists reveal five tips to beat bullies

3.2 million young people globally have been bullied in the past year  Experts advise keeping a detailed diary and notes of all bullying incidents They have revealed 8 signs to look out for to see if your child is being bullied They say that it is important not to keep childrenRead More

Can YOU spot the odd shape out?

This puzzle should test out just how sharp you are after the weekend The quiz, proving hugely popular on Playbuzz , was posted just yesterday It claims: ‘Only potential geniuses can see the odd shape in this vision test!’ By Sarah Mooney For Mailonline Not everyone feels their sharpest onRead More

Cluster of UFOs filmed hovering over US and Mexico border

Seven or eight lights were seen dancing above a border control post in Tijuana A clip of the incident was posted to Instagram before it was deleted… twice The sight was so unusual that border guards even stopped to watch it unfold  By Hannah Al-othman For Mailonline Creepy footage showingRead More

The self-destructing phone Donald Trump may NOT be using

Was given a Boeing Black phone that ‘goes with the office’ of the President Phone is encrypted and will self-destruct if tampered with  Experts say he is at risk of lone hackers to better-funded intelligence agencies however, Trump believed to be still be using his personal Samsung Galaxy By StacyRead More

Girls as young a 6 think they aren’t as brilliant as boys

Study also found at the age of five, there is no difference between the sexes The researchers think these stereotypes have a knock-on effect into adulthood  By only their second year of school, girls are more likely than boys to shy away from activities for ‘really, really clever’ children  ByRead More

Smart glasses isntantly focus on what you are looking at

Adaptive glasses are designed with liquid-based lenses Three actuators on each lens pushes them back in forth to adjust focus Users will only have to plug-in their eyeglasses prescription into Will never have to switch frames or buy a new pair again  By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail.com The days ofRead More

VR ‘death simulator’ that could fear of dying

Researchers first used headset to trick brain into thinking VR body is real Simulation then shows the person floating away from the body Those who felt disconnected  had a significantly lower fear of dying By Mark Prigg For Dailymail.com It could be a helping hand for the terminally ill. Researchers haveRead More

Hermit crab caterpillar uses leaves to build its own shell

The caterpillar wraps itself in a leafy tube to protect itself from predators   It moves by grabbing on parts of the ground with its mouth and crawling forward The leaf looks like it was cut and glued with the caterpillar’s own silk or saliva Dr Joe Hanson, a BiologistRead More

New anti-vibration material could protect preterm babies

Developed metamaterial inspired by a nuclear reactor design  Combined two properties known to dampen vibrations One becomes thicker when stretched along its length The other works with force instead of resisting it Could make safer neonatal transfer vehicles that transport premature babies By Andy Alderson and Fabrizio Scarpa With The ConversationRead More

Donald Trump’s face gives away his leadership style

Trump’s masculine, older-looking and wide face reveals his leadership skills Suggests he will be a dominate, aggressive and powerful leader Traits could lead to conflict with other leaders who are also dominate Features also suggest person exhibits unethical behavior   By Stacy Liberatore For Dailymail.com Donald J Trump made an oathRead More