December, 2016

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Daily Report: A Net Neutrality Setback for Facebook in India –

Net neutrality has often sounded unnecessarily complex, but it really comes down to a simple notion: Internet providers should provide equal access to all Internet content. In the United States, Facebook has been a frequent proponent of net neutrality. But in India, in an odd twist, a Facebook effort toRead More

Is your child lying to you about still believing in Santa?

Research has shown that kids tend to stop believing in Santa around age seven However, it has been found that some kids, about 58%, may continue the lie in They hope to be rewarded for pro-social behaviour and willingness to play along Kids also tend to have positive emotions aboutRead More

Review: Amazon bets on the connected home with a fun, but unnecessary device for most

Every few years, the biggest names in the consumer electronics industry try to predict what the Next Big Thing will be. Sometimes they get it right, as in the case of smartphones. Sometimes they get it wrong, and are left with a lot of unsold 3D televisions. The latest suchRead More