December, 2016

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The formula for a good New Year’s Eve is to have low expectations

Psychologist suggests party-goers make fun plans but curtail all expectations A UCL study found people are happiest when they don’t plan their night This is because their low expectations are more likely to be exceeded A separate study by Duke University found 83 per cent of people are usually disappointedRead More

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says firm ‘thinking about’ allowing users to edit tweets

Dorsey asked: what’s the most important thing you want to see Twitter improve? Most requested feature ‘today & always’ was ability to edit tweets after posting This could be done through a ‘five-minute window’ or by showing edit history But, many argue that the original poster could change the meaningRead More

Amazon’s plans to use self-driving AIRSHIPS to launch its delivery drones

Described as ‘airborne fulfilment centres’, the airships will hover over cities Smaller airships may be used to replenish the airships with inventory It could flying above a football game loaded loaded with snacks for spectators A fleet of Amazon’s drones could then be released to make deliveries By Ellie ZolfagharifardRead More

Is there a Nazi UFO site buried in the Antarctic? Bizarre theory claims base is hidden in mysterious 150-mile anomaly

The theory comes from UFO Hunter group SecureTeam10 They also suggest that the Navy has visited the base during secret operations  The Antarctic anomaly stretches for a distance of around 150 miles (240 km) Scientists claim that it is an impact crater from a huge asteroid By Harry Pettit For MailonlineRead More

Drug abusers still crave the stimulus AFTER death: Researchers discover mutated protein in deceased addicts persists for more than a week

A protein in the reward center of the brain is modified in drug abusers Researchers discovered it was still modified in heroin addicts who had died This suggest your body still craves a stimulus even after death  The protein may stay mutated for months in the living who are recovering  By Stacy LiberatoreRead More

University of Exeter researchers find 3.5 TRILLION insects pass above us each year

 Region in south-central England monitored with specialized radar  Team also used a balloon-supported aerial netting system By Reuters Counting the number of bugs whizzing high overhead annually may seem all but impossible, but researchers in Britain have completed the most comprehensive tally ever conducted.  And the headcount they came upRead More

Elon Musk’s Gigafactory is taking shape with 2.4M square feet added in just 6 months

$5 billion structure in Sparks, Nevada will produce 500,000 lithium ion batteries annually to meet demand  New drone footage of Tesla’s Gigafactory shows that it is now 30 percent complete The north end of the massive building has been finished, adding another 4.5 million square feet of space The factoryRead More

Instagram pro reveals how to take better photos using your smartphone this Christmas

Cole Rise, creator of some of the original Instagram filters, offers his advice They include using the background to enhance the main point of photo’s focus He also says you should work unusual angles to get a unique perspective  By Luke Johnson For Mailonline Christmas is a time to rememberRead More

France unveils world’s first solar panel road in Tourouvre-au-Perche

1km (0.6-mile) stretch of road is located in Tourouvre-au-Perche Some 2,880 photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electricity The road is expected to produce 280 MWh of electricity a year   By Libby Plummer For Mailonline A solar panel road, claimed to be the world’s first, has opened in France. TheRead More

Schools Are Not Cool –

As temperatures rise, life will become more unpleasant for teachers and students in New York City schools, which remain open through June 26, and many of which do not have air-conditioning. In New York roughly a third of public school classrooms lack this basic amenity; in other major cities, especiallyRead More