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The Office Requires Remade, Again –

There were offices. Afterward cubicles and spacious floor plans. Now, there’s a “palette of areas.” New office layouts are coming to an office near you, together with designs intended to appeal to the number of jobs demanded of contemporary researchers. Put another way, it means people do not sit inRead More

Where’s Driverless Cars Brake for Golf Carts –

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Molly Jackson, an 82-year-old retired nurse, who was sitting at the rear seat of a self-driving cab once the vehicle jerked to a stop in a crossing as its personal computer vision seen an upcoming cart. After the automobile, a modified Ford Fusion made by meansRead More

Facebook’s Russia-Linked Ads Came in Many Disguises –

SAN FRANCISCO — The Russians who posed as Americans on Facebook last year tried on quite an array of disguises. There was “Defend the 2nd,” a Facebook page for gun-rights supporters, festooned with firearms and tough rhetoric. There was a rainbow-hued page for gay rights activists, “LGBT United.” There wasRead More

Within the Most Recent Power Saver at Uber –

SAN FRANCISCO — The telephone calls started late Friday one of Uber’s new chief executive, Dara Khosrowshahi, along with the ride-hailing firm’s executives, in addition to board members along with also a raft of lawyers. They had been facing a crisis. The difficulty was that Travis Kalanick, ” Uber’s formerRead More

IBM Today Has More Workers in India Than at the U.S. –

BANGALORE, India — IBM dominated the first decades of calculating with creations such as the mainframe along with the floppy disc. Its factories and offices, extending from New York to Silicon Valley, were hubs of American invention before Microsoft or Google came together. But within the past ten years, IBMRead More

When Tech Disrupts Gamble and Effectiveness, ‘Angels’ May Be Answer –

Jason Calacanis cuts an unusual figure to get a fiscal savior from Silicon Valley, where it is trendy for the planet’s wealthiest men to plagiarize ashamed modesty in their riches and power. Mr. Calacanis an investor and entrepreneur who promises to be worth greater than $100 million, also without noRead More

Nothing Is Too Unusual for Businesses Wooing Amazon to Construct There –

SAN FRANCISCO — Business leaders in Tucson have tried to mail Amazon’s chief executive, Jeff Bezos, a 21-foot cactus. The largest conference room in the Tulsa, Okla., mayor’s office has been converted to a war room, with 50 volunteers poring over videos of Mr. Bezos. In Philadelphia, hundreds of WhartonRead More

Push for Sex Equality at Tech?

Some Guys Say It Is Gone Too Much –

SAN FRANCISCO — Their complaints stream Reddit forums, online video game message boards, on personal Facebook webpages and around Twitter. They assert for all from man separatism to a end to sex diversity efforts. Silicon Valley continues to be decades accommodated a fringe section of people who say girls areRead More

Facebook to Turn On Russian-Linked Ads into Congress –

WASHINGTON — Under increasing pressure from Congress and the people to disclose more about the spread of covert Russian propaganda on Facebook, ” the business said on Thursday it had been turning over more than 3,000 Russia-linked advertisements to congressional committees investigating the Kremlin’s impact operation throughout the 2016 presidentialRead More

Internet Giants Face New Political Resistance at Washington –

WASHINGTON — Last month, Facebook and Google came out forcefully against a bill which would hold businesses responsible for hosting gender trafficking in their sites. They stated that if they worked tirelessly to fight sex trafficking, altering the legislation “jeopardizes bedrock fundamentals of a free and open online” which wereRead More