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Facebook Conceded This Might Make You Feel Bad.

Here is How to Reclaim This. –

Facebook printed a softly groundbreaking entry on Friday. Social networking, the business stated in a blog article, can often cause you to feel great — but occasionally it may also cause you to feel bad. Yes, I should’ve cautioned you to sit. This is only one of the stories whereRead More

The Biggest Tech Failures and Successes of 2017 –

Courtesy: The New York Times

How 2017 Became a Turning Point for Tech Giants –

This was a terrible year for the tech industry. That’s an odd thing to say at a time of record growth and profits. In 2017, large American tech companies have kept hauling in more money, more users, and — to a degree that might seem dystopian — they continued toRead More

Web Neutrality Protests Transfer Online, Nevertheless Big Tech Is Unusual –

Protests to conserve net neutralityrules or guidelines that guarantee equal access to the web, migrated online on Tuesday, together with countless online businesses submitting calls on their own websites for actions to prevent a vote later this week. Reddit, both Etsy and Kickstarter were one of the websites warning whichRead More

Web Neutrality’s Holes in Europe May Give Peek at Future at U.S. –

Last week, Swedes acquired a tantalizing offer: When they subscribed to Sweden’s biggest telecom supplier, Telia Company A they might have unlimited access to their mobile telephones to Facebook, Spotify, Instagram along with other blockbuster programs. Swedish regulators attempted to put a halt to it. They contended that the agreementRead More

Southeast Asia’s Ride-Hailing War Is Being Waged on Motorbikes –

JAKARTA, Indonesia — On a recent afternoon driving his motorcycle for among Asia’s high-tech technology start-ups, Nasrun picked up and dropped four schoolchildren, an office employee, medication from a drugstore, a few dumplings with peanut sauce, and a couple records and an arrangement of Japanese meals, the final of thatRead More

The Hidden Player Spurring a Wave of Cheap Consumer Devices: Amazon –

A few weeks ago, Wyze Labs, a one-year-old start-up in Seattle, sent me its first gadget to try. It’s a small, internet-connected video camera, the kind you might use for security or to keep tabs on your dog or your baby. On the surface, the camera doesn’t sound special. LikeRead More

Google Missed Out on China.

Could It Flourish at India? –

JODHPUR, India — each month, approximately four million Indians buy online. They include individuals such as Manju, a 35-year-old seamstress within this town of historical temples, who obtained her very first online telephone a week. “It is essential for me to understand new things,” said Manju, that uses just 1Read More

Facebook Includes a New Messaging App Aimed at People 13 and Under –

SAN FRANCISCO — over one million people — mainly adults — utilize Facebook’s Messenger program to communicate each month. The long run of Messenger is set to turn into even younger. On Monday, Facebook declared Messenger Kids, a standalone mobile program which makes it possible for kids age 13 andRead More

How 41 Individuals in Lithuania Took On Your FB Feed –

Of all Facebook’s superpowers, possibly the most disconcerting is the way that it is able to make internet publishers evaporate using the push of one switch. Think I am exaggerating? Just consider what happened on sites such as Upworthy, Viralnova and Distractify, which gathered enormous Facebook followings then faded outRead More