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Google unveils new Android software in India to power…

 Can work on entry-level smartphones with memory of as low as 512 megabytes Has its own app store with ‘lite’ versions of apps to download  By Reuters Alphabet’s Google launched a stripped-down version of its Android software in India on Tuesday, as it attempts to woo millions of ‘basic phone’Read More

Facebook launches parent-controlled Messenger app for kids

Messenger Kids is standalone app that can be controlled from parent’s Facebook Using the app will not create a Facebook account for the child, the firm says Kids will not be able to connect with people their parents have not approved There are no ads or in-app purchases, and kidsRead More

Killer whale geoglyph found in the Peru Desert

German researchers discovered the geoglyph in the 1960s, but it was lost again for decades, until Jan 2015 The massive orca ‘etching’ is roughly 230 feet long (70 meters) in the hillside, and was created 2,000 yrs ago It is situated in the Palpa region of southern Peru, not farRead More

Tesla switches on the world’s biggest battery in Australia

The billionaire earlier this year offered on Twitter to build the battery farm He completed it last week to beat his deadline of having it ready in 100 days  Now, it has been switched on at the Hornsdale wind farm near Jamestown Tesla hopes battery will help Australia become a renewableRead More

The ‘sci fi’ DNA test that could replace your password

The method is a two-step technique using the $1000 MinION DNA sequencer The team used an algorithm to compare variants with other genetic profiles They found it can identify a person from DNA in minutes, and can validate cells  By Cheyenne Macdonald For Scientists have unveiled a new softwareRead More

Rail lines axed by Dr Beeching in the 1960s may reopen

Chancellor Philip Hammond hopes infrastructure will allow for 300,000 homes About 5,000 miles of track and 2,363 stations closes between 1964 and 1970 Department of Transport to reverse some of the decisions due to network strain  By Claire Ellicott Political Correspondent For The Daily Mail Railway lines and stations lostRead More

Half of 11-year-olds use social media despite age limits

Nearly half of UK’s 11-and 12-year olds have accounts on Facebook and Twitter More than a quarter of ten-year-olds have social media accounts, Ofcom says One in ten children aged between 12 and 15 have even shared live videos online Some platforms, including Instagram Live, allow them to broadcast toRead More

New theory claims there wasn’t a Big Bang

Physicist argues a contraction phase may have come before the current universe The idea is inspired by the behaviour of ‘regular’ black holes, researcher says Would mean Big Bang never happened, instead allowing a ‘bouncing’ universe By Cheyenne Macdonald For What if the Big Bang never happened? The theoryRead More

Crackdown on drones sees introduction of safety test

Police will be given new powers to ground drones flown by rogue operators The blitz will ban drones from flying near airports and stop them flying too high Move comes after a series of potentially catastrophic near-misses with aircraft By Martin Beckford Home Affairs Editor For The Mail On SundayRead More

Avatars can help schizophrenia patients confront torment

Kings College London used computers to fine-tune the voices of these avatars Working with schizophrenia patients, they replicated the tormenting voices they hear The patients then conversed with their tormentors face-to-face Experts have hailed the groundbreaking therapy as one of the most effective attempts to treat the disorder  By ReutersRead More