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Antarctic glaciers that resisted effects of climate change

Glacier advance and retreat has not changed along the western Ross Sea coast By contrast, the glaciers on the Antarctic Peninsula are rapidly shrinking  The work highlights the complexity of Antarctic climate change response  By Cecile Borkhataria For A new study has found that the effects of climate change,Read More

New ‘close combat sensor system’ for British troops

The close combat sensor system helps soldiers identify friend and foe and works out where the enemy is It uses an array of cameras, lasers and audio sensors, and feeds information back to the soldier and HQ A defence source said British troops ‘will be better equipped than Arnold SchwarzeneggerRead More

Chimpanzee uses grass to catch ants

Genius chimpanzee was filmed using a piece of grass to remove ants from a tree Using astonishing dexterity the primate pulls out the stalks covered in insects Incredible pictures show the chimp inspecting the grass and eating his ants  By Stewart Paterson For Mailonline Fascinating video footage shows the momentRead More

Heatwave hits Europe with highs of 109F in Croatia & Spain

Heatwave across southern Europe sees temperatures reach 109F Countries including  Croatia, Romania, Spain and Italy are affected Italian cities are on government health ministry’s maximum heat alert Temperature high has seen wildfires in Spain, Italy and Croatia this week Are you suffering in the heat? Share your pictures and storiesRead More

Student’s washing machine idea could cut carbon emissions

Student’s plastic component reduces the weight of washing machines by a third  It replaces the concrete blocks found in the top and bottom of most machines The 3.5kg (7.7lb) container is filled with water to provide the same function The invention could cut the weight of trucks carrying the machines,Read More

Death Valley’s average July temperature was 107.4 degrees

The average monthly temperature in Death Valley for July reached 107.4 degrees, breaking the record set in 1917 at 107.2 degree  The temperature never dipped below 102 degrees on three separate nights  On July 7, the highest temperature in the daytime was an extreme 127 degrees Death Valley National ParkRead More

Researchers find virus killing molecule to take on colds

Researchers believe they’ve found possible treatments for the common cold A study into ‘anti-microbial peptides’ found properties that combat rhinovirus Rhinovirus is the main virus that is responsible for the common cold infection The breakthrough could prove helpful to people with chronic lung conditions  By Kate Foster For The Daily MailRead More

Microsoft is launching a subscription program for laptops

Microsoft is introducing  Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business Both offer no-interest financing and the ability to easily upgrade to a new device The program is another attempt by the company to get into U.S. schools By Sage Lazzaro For Microsoft is launching two new subscription program thatRead More

Americans are too drugged out to work

Surge in drug abuse has caused a lack of skilled workers over 18 in America   In the past few years there’s been an uptick in opioid addiction in the country  The epidemic has caused a cyclical pattern of unemployment and addiction Due to the loss of manufacturing jobs, peopleRead More

HMIC: Adults should be more aware of strangers online

According to researchers, one in three relationships now start online Changes in how people communicate have impacted how sex offenders operate Police forces have recorded a six-fold increase in the number of ‘internet-facilitated’ sexual offences between 2009 and 2014 Dating and social networking sites easily accessed through smartphones has resultedRead More