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High-energy laser gun fires off an Apache helicopter

Weapon is almost silent and invisible which makes it hard for enemies to detect First time a laser has successfully fired on a target from a rotary-wing aircraft Laser systems have been on the Apache since 1984 when it first entered service However, they were low-powered and could only guideRead More

Facebook now has 2 billion monthly active usersĀ 

CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted on Facebook saying it has 2B monthly active users Said this milestone is bringing the firm closer to connecting the world Announcement comes 13 years after site launched on the internet By Stacy Liberatore For Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said the social media website can takeRead More

Google’s search engine aims to become employment engine

Results streamline listings by eliminating duplicates posted on different sites Will also show employer ratings from current and former workers Can even show typical commute times to job locations By Associated Press Google is trying to turn its search engine into an employment engine. Job hunters will be able toRead More

Being in a position of power can cause brain damage

Neuroscientists measured the brain activity in people who felt powerful   Parts of the brain that deal with empathy were less responsive in people in power Prolonged feelings of power lead to permanent damage to this part of the brain The study did not look at exactly why power changes theRead More

Phubbing could be ruining your relationship, study finds

Phubbing is when we snub someone mid conversation by going on our phones  Study reveals 46 per cent of people have been ‘phubbed’ by their partner Scientists say phubbing makes you seem as if you’re losing interest in a partner By Daisy Dunne For Mailonline People who spend their freeRead More

Amazon buys Whole Foods in $13.7billion deal

The online retailer announced their plans to acquire Whole Foods on Friday Amazon will pay $42 a share for the Austin, Texas-based grocery chain, bringing the total sale to $13.7billion  Whole Foods will continue operating stores, and John Mackey will remain CEO By Reporter and Associated Press Amazon isRead More

Archaeologists uncover a 12th century city in Ethiopia

Local legend had it that an ancient city built by giants was in Eastern Ethiopia Now, archaeologists have discovered a 500m by 1,000m settlement Findings include a mosque, jewellery and pottery from around the world The site suggests that Eastern Ethiopia was well connected with the Gulf, Egypt and IndiaRead More

Apple on top as iPhone 7 sales beat Samsung’s Galaxy

Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus had a combined overall market share of 20.1% Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ only had 8.1%, which is less than last year’s variants However, the opposite was reported overseas in China – Android was at the top By Stacy Liberatore For WithRead More

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick takes leave of absence

Travis Kalanick announced his leave of absence in an email to staff on Tuesday The announcement came after months of turmoil for the Silicon Valley giant It coincided with the release of a damning report into its workplace practices  The report gave 10 recommendations including banning booze during work hoursRead More

Experts warn of the risks of DIY brain hacking

Experts able to determine a subject’s preferences for things using brain activity Ethical issues arise when technology reads someone’s mind without consent Experts said next-generation devices may bypass the protection consent Suggested ethicists be in labs alongside engineers to ensure privacy is a priority However, the safest advice researchers gave was toRead More