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Sperm cells created in lab may cure male infertility

1 in 500 men have an extra X or Y chromosome, disrupting sperm production Scientists at Francis Crick Institute, London created stem cells from ear tissue These were treated to become sperm cells and were injected into mouse’s testes, they became fully functioning sperm, allowing mice to fertilise females  ByRead More

NASA uncovers bands and waves on brown dwarfs

NASA recently observed waves and bands on brown dwarfs for the first time They discovered the waves cause brightness variation in the ‘failed stars’ They also cause particle movements that change the thickness of silicate clouds By Sage Lazzaro For NASA observed new aspects of weather patterns on brownRead More

NASA releases stunning image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

A new image of Jupiter shows the Great Red Spot and both the north and south sides of the planet  It was captured using data from the JunoCam on July 10, as it performed its seventh close flyby of Jupiter The photo was created by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt andRead More

FrontRow necklace streams videos directly to social media

A camera necklace can stream video from your neck directly to social media It has a time-lapse mode for stitching together video taken over several hours The device, called FrontRow, is now available in black or rose for $399 By Sage Lazzaro For A new camera makes it possibleRead More

Seven flowers discovered in 100 MILLION-year-old amber

Researchers found seven well-preserved flowers entombed in Burmese amber Analysis revealed it’s a new species of petal-less flower,  from a rainforest tree  Despite being 100 million years old, the experts say they look ‘just picked’  By Cheyenne Macdonald For Seven perfectly-preserved flowers found entombed in Burmese amber are oldRead More

Binge-watching TV can make you feel like a zombie

Researchers studied binge-watching and discovered negative health effects They found it can lead to insomnia, poorer sleep quality, and more fatigue They went as far as to say binge-watching can make you feel like a zombie By Sage Lazzaro For Binge-watching TV can make you feel like a zombie, accordingRead More

One of the world’s deadliest snakes snapped in Melbourne

A snake catcher says Tiger snakes are the fifth most venomous snake worldwide As well as being deadly they are also very well camouflaged and difficult to spot Only a handful of people have been able to spot the hidden reptile in this photo  By Sam Duncan For Daily MailRead More

It’s healthier to be unemployed than have a stressful job

Being out of work to then having a poor-quality job causes stress-related issues These include having significantly worse blood glucose and cholesterol levels It also affects fat storage, increases blood clots’ risk and causes inflammation These have previously been linked to heart disease, joint damage and cancer Mental health isRead More

Asteroid will pass ‘damn close’ to Earth in October

Experts tracked the space rock using the Very Large Telescope in Chile It is the first time it has been spotted in five years after disappearing in 2012   Nasa believe it could pass within 4,200 miles of Earth on October 12, 2017 ESA experts calculate a distance of around 44,000 kilometresRead More

Is the food industry conspiring to make you fat?

Sara FL Kirk and Jessie-Lee McIsaac are professors in health research at Canada’s Dalhousie University  Here, they explain how marketing is pushing us into an obesity crisis And they offer tips for consumers on how to avoid eating too much sugar  By Sara Fl Kirk For The Conversation and JessieRead More