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Google parent turns on internet balloons in Puerto Rico

Enabling texts, emails and basic web access to AT&T customers  Balloons were launched from Nevada and floated to the area Two have already arrived and are operational, with several more on their way  By Associated Press Google’s parent Alphabet says its stratospheric balloons are now delivering the internet to remoteRead More

For £760 anyone can track your location

People can easily track someone else’s location and learn what apps they use Individuals who purchase ads could see the types of apps their target was using People used the mobile advertising ID (MAID) to track the target’s mobile phone Importantly, the target does not have to click on or engageRead More

Highways England trials using sunflower oil on potholes

It costs more than £88 million to fill potholes in England’s roads every year Road bosses believe cooking oil costing around £1.15 a litre may be a solution Oil’s ability to ‘stick’ asphalt back together may increase road lifespan by a third  By Victoria Allen Science Correspondent For The DailyRead More

How sugar feeds cancer and makes it harder to treat

In 1920, a German scientists called Dr Otto Warburg discovered that cancer cells rapidly break down sugars without producing much energy To this day we still don’t understand the phenomenon – known as the Warburg effect  But now a nine-year study has identified how sugar traps cancer in a ‘viciousRead More

Boston hit by invasion of gangs of turkeys

After being wiped out from New England in the 1800s, birds have stormed back  Increasingly clashing with residents who say they are being attacked by gangs In at least five cases turkeys became so aggressive police had to shoot them By Associated Press Not everyone is celebrating the return ofRead More

Magic mushrooms may ‘reset’ brains of depressed patients

Psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms may help to reset the brain’s default mode network  The study shows how the substance causes the network’s connections to get looser, temporarily, then reform more with more stability This process helps a depressed person’s brain to ‘reboot’ and rewire ingrained negative patternsRead More

Google to take on Facetime and add video calls to Android 

 Will start building its videoconferencing app, called Duo, into Android  Video call option will appear in Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps By Mark Prigg For FaceTiming your parents and friends has become a part of everyday life for iPhone owners – and Google wants to get Android users inRead More

Arabian show horse described as ‘horrific’ by experts

An Arabian show horse bred in the US has been described by experts as ‘horrific’ El Rey Magnum, the 9-month-old colt, is said to be at risk of breathing problems  Arabian horse pedigrees must have a concave face, arching neck and high tail The British Equine Veterinary Association condems extremeRead More

Facebook debate like the Dress kicks off over trainers

A Facebook user has sparked a debate by asking what colour some trainers were Nicole Coulthard said her friend saw the shoes as pale blue and grey But Nicole sees them as being pink and white, which resulted in a big debate  By Molly Rose Pike For Mailonline First theRead More

Failed Beagle 2 lander found on the Isidis region of Mars

Beagle 2 lander was part of a European mission which was presumed lost It made it all the way to Mars before cutting out before Christmas Day in 2003 Researchers believe it deployed its solar panels before communication cut The main part of the entry, descent and landing sequence allRead More