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The Scallop Sees With Space-Age Eyes — Tens of Thousands of Them –

It is difficult to find out what is so unique about a scallop. It seems much like a clam, mussel or some other bivalve. In its hinged shell found a musclebound monster that is best appreciated seared in butter. But there is something more to the omnipresent entree: that theRead More

Assessing the Elusive Whale Shark –

They are the biggest fish from the ocean, lumbering softly in open sea waters where little was proven about them. Even the bus-sized whale sharks — docile animals with a jagged mouth have lately become jeopardized, as investigators are enlisting visitors to help monitor and spot them. An analysis publishedRead More

If Nobody Owns the Moon, Can Anyone Make Cash Up There?

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — By Launch Complex 17 here in the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, a lot of NASA’s robotic planetary assignments blasted off. Shortly, both enormous towers which cradled Delta 2 rockets would probably be ripped down. A brand new renter — Moon Express, a small business withRead More

Even Whales Need to Re –

Back in August 2014, Sarah Fortune had been hoping to label bowhead whales with transmitters so that she would examine their feeding habits from Canada’s Cumberland Sound, in which a lot of the huge sea creatures spend their summers. However, the sharks retained swimming to a tiny, shallow bay usingRead More

‘Crazy Jigsaw Puzzles’ Improve Our Perspectives of Coral Reefs –

A century ago, in the event you wished to record sea life, you would throw onto a 60-pound glass helmet, then dip into and sketch anything passed by using a lead pencil onto a zinc tabletcomputer. Nowadays most scientists analyzing corals still dive with a hour’s worth of air alongRead More

A Helping of Science With Your Thanksgiving Dinner –

Courtesy: The New York Times

Young Again: The Way To Mobile Strikes Back Time –

Not one of us had been created from scratch. Each human being develops from the fusion of two tissue an egg and a sperm, which will be the descendants of different cells. The lineage of cells which combines one generation to another — known as the germline — isalso inRead More

Six Years Following Fukushima, Robots Ultimately Locate Reactors’ Melted Uranium Gas –

FUKUSHIMA DAIICHI NUCLEAR POWER PLANT, Japan — Four engineers prior to a bank of screens, one holding what seemed like a game control. They’d spent a couple of training for the things they had been going to perform: pilot a little robot to the polluted spirit of the destroyed FukushimaRead More

A Close-Up on Mysteries Made of Stone from Saudi Arabia’s Desert –

Courtesy: The New York Times

A Population of Billions Might Have Contributed to The Year’s Extinction –

North America was a utopia for passenger pigeons. After European colonizers first came, as many as 5 thousand of those gray-backed, copper-breasted and iridescent beauties roamed the continent, maybe the most abundant bird to have graced the world. When they drifted, they drifted across the whole sky, obscuring daytime forRead More