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An 8th Earth Is Located Orbiting a Distant Star, Together With A.I.’s Assist –

cURL Error #:Failed to connect to port 8080: Connection refused Together with eight planets spinning round sunlight, our solar system has held that the galactic name for getting the very famous planets of any superstar system at the Milky Way. But on Thursday NASA announced the discovery of someRead More

The Great Red Spot Descends Deep Into Jupiter –

NEW ORLEANS — Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is not just a skin-deep beauty mark. Instead, the iconic storm descends at least 200 miles beneath the clouds and possibly much deeper. That is one of the latest findings of NASA’s Juno spacecraft, which passed directly over the storm in July. JunoRead More

A Glimpse of Oumuamua – Video –

Courtesy: The New York Times

Precious Gems Bear Messages By Earth’s Molten Heart –

About 1920, Justo Daza, a seasoned mine employee, also Fritz Klein, a mining engineer, who had been scrambling through the steep mountainside terraces of Chivor, also a mythical emerald website in northeast Colombia. They had been breaking stones apart with extended iron sticks and explosives packaged with drill holes. TheyRead More

We ‘Discover’ Some Quiet GIFs –

This week, at an unlikely turn of events, the noise of silence moved viral. An animated GIF showing an electric tower jumping rope above attractively bendy electricity lines started to disperse. The frenzy began once Lisa Debruine, a researcher in the Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology in the University ofRead More

Tracking Dolphins With Algorithms You Might Find on Facebook –

Keeping an eye on dolphins is a slick, patchy procedure. To begin with, you have to secure time onto a boat or aircraft, that can be costly. Then, what you find is dependent upon uncontrollable factors such as weather, sea conditions and if the animals happen to be hanging outRead More

Researchers ‘Inject’ Information Into Monkeys’ Brains –

When you push in an intersection, then the sight of this light turning reddish may (or should) force you to step onto the brake. This activity occurs thanks to a series of events within your mind. Your eyes relay signals to the visual facilities in the rear part of yourRead More

To See the Best Christmas Trees, You’ll Need Scuba Gear –

Your Christmas tree is nice — really, it is. It’s just the right height and shape, so green, and it smells so good. You definitely picked the best one in all of the land. But that’s where you messed up. The most beautiful Christmas trees don’t grow in soil. They’reRead More

Hunt Elephants to Save Them?

Some Nations View No Other Option –

Even the United States Fish and Wildlife Service each month transferred to permit seekers to bring home decorations from dinosaurs killed in Zimbabwe and Zambia. Safe to say, couple of conservationists watched it coming. At an 39-page report, the bureau mentioned Zimbabwe’s progress in developing a solid management program forRead More

How Dwarf Mongooses Respond to New Immigrants –

Dwarf mongooses, the African social mammals which are cousins to the popular meerkats, aren’t really people. And new study about migration from 1 mongoose set to another doesn’t have anything to do with the present world political situation. It is required to create this point since the desire to anthropomorphizeRead More