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Sperm cells created in lab may cure male infertility

1 in 500 men have an extra X or Y chromosome, disrupting sperm production Scientists at Francis Crick Institute, London created stem cells from ear tissue These were treated to become sperm cells and were injected into mouse’s testes, they became fully functioning sperm, allowing mice to fertilise females  ByRead More

NASA uncovers bands and waves on brown dwarfs

NASA recently observed waves and bands on brown dwarfs for the first time They discovered the waves cause brightness variation in the ‘failed stars’ They also cause particle movements that change the thickness of silicate clouds By Sage Lazzaro For NASA observed new aspects of weather patterns on brownRead More

A Quiet Investor Becomes a Sudden Thorn –

SAN FRANCISCO — For the last week, ” Uber’s board members are embroiled in discussions within a matter matter: exactly what to consider Benchmark, the venture capital company that’s only one of those ride-hailing company’s biggest shareholders. Even though Uber’s direction had been supported by Benchmark the investor had turnedRead More

NASA releases stunning image of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

A new image of Jupiter shows the Great Red Spot and both the north and south sides of the planet  It was captured using data from the JunoCam on July 10, as it performed its seventh close flyby of Jupiter The photo was created by citizen scientists Gerald Eichstädt andRead More

Eclipses’ Illuminating Power –

Hipparchus the Greek astronomer and mathematician who lived over 2,000 decades back, utilized the solar panel to address a celestial geometry issue. He understood that in a place at northwestern Turkey sunlight had been blocked by an eclipse. But roughly 600 miles off, just about four-fifths of sunlight was coated.Read More

FrontRow necklace streams videos directly to social media

A camera necklace can stream video from your neck directly to social media It has a time-lapse mode for stitching together video taken over several hours The device, called FrontRow, is now available in black or rose for $399 By Sage Lazzaro For A new camera makes it possibleRead More

A Start-Up Suggests a Repair –

WINFIELD, Kan. — In case you saw the play in Washington last month, then you might have come from the belief that the American healthcare program is a hopeless wreck. In Congress, a strategy to repaint the healthcare legislation of President Obama, the Affordable Care Act, has become a attemptRead More

Seven flowers discovered in 100 MILLION-year-old amber

Researchers found seven well-preserved flowers entombed in Burmese amber Analysis revealed it’s a new species of petal-less flower,  from a rainforest tree  Despite being 100 million years old, the experts say they look ‘just picked’  By Cheyenne Macdonald For Seven perfectly-preserved flowers found entombed in Burmese amber are oldRead More

An Eclipse Chaser’s Guide For Your Eclipse –

The United States hasn’t seen a complete solar panel sail from sea to shining sea into almost a century. Once the moon engulfs the sunshine in the skies that usually means the following Monday, a new production will undergo a extravaganza. Prepare yourself to feel shifted, if you’re among thoseRead More

How A.I. Is Making Building Blocks to Reshape Art and Music –

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — At the mid-1990s, Douglas Eck worked as a database developer in Albuquerque while moonlighting as an artist. Following a day spent composing code in a laboratory run by the Department of Energy, then he’d take the stage at a local juke joint, playing with what heRead More